Our lives are filled with plans...we plan for our careers, our children's education, and retirement. We even plan for parties, weddings, and vacations. And through the purchase of auto and homeowners insurance, we plan for events that may never happen, but are comforted in knowing that we are protected. But how often do we plan for the inevitable?

Many people hesitate when they consider pre-arranging funeral services. We think that discussing our own funeral arrangements may remind us of difficult times in our lives or those that may be ahead for a loved one or even for ourselves. Discussing and planning your funeral arrangements does not have to be an uncomfortable event. It is an important and responsible step that can save both emotional and financial distress.
AARP Statistics

A 1997 project funded by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) breaks down the age/percentage of those who prepay any part of funeral/burial expenses as follows: ages 50-59, 18%; 60-64, 31.5%; 65-69, 31%, and 70+, 35%. [1] It is estimated that fully a third of at-need funerals today were prearranged, and that one in four Americans have prearranged their own funerals. [2]
Why should I consider pre-planning my funeral service?

There are many details and decisions associated with arranging a funeral service that truly commemorates and celebrates your life. There are obvious financial and emotional reasons to plan ahead, however, there are also reasons surrounding self-expression that are very important as well. Advanced planning allows you to take time to consider how you would like to orchestrate your final impression. Advanced planning demonstrates love and consideration; most importantly, it provides peace of mind in knowing that all of the financial considerations have been addressed and that the services meet your wishes and needs and will accurately commemorate your life.
What are the benefits of pre-planning funeral services?

Pre-planning funeral arrangements for yourself or for a loved one affords you the opportunity to select exactly the type of services you prefer. Because all services and merchandise may be selected and paid for in advance, pre-planning can guarantee all selections at today’s prices – providing protection from inflation and potentially saving you and your family a substantial amount of money. Additionally, addressing so many decisions in advance when you are emotionally and financially prepared to handle them just makes sense. It is a fiscally responsible approach for something so important; it is a vital and natural part of the overall estate planning process for your family’s future.
What steps should I take next?

At Morgan-Webster-Nay Funeral Centre, we offer our Lasting Impressions pre-planning program, which encourages self-expression and is tailored to satisfy your individual needs. Your arrangements may be made at the funeral home or in the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you would like more information about our Lasting Impressions program for yourself or for a loved one, please feel free to contact us directly at 812.265.5577 or via email and one of our Certified Preplanning Consultants will contact you.

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[2] Wirthlin Report: 1995 Study of American Attitudes Toward Ritualization and Memorialization. Funeral and Memorial Information Council, 1995.